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Parking and storage for trucks, refrigerated trucks, campers and caravans near Rome

The Storage of South Rome is a new guarded parking for short and long stop just outside Rome.

The parking area has been open since March 2020. This area cover 5000 square meters, a part is used as garage, the other part is a short-term parking.

Storage of South Rome's structure

Storage of South Rome is easy to find. It is locate near Rome, in San Cesareo. The exit of the A1 motorway (Rome-Naples) have the same name. The position in very reach and safety for anybody who wants leave their trucks, refrigerated trucks, campers or caravans even just for one night.

The parking is fanced and has a guardian 24h on 24.

We offer more services: toilets, cleaning services, power supply for refrigerated trucks, mechanical workshop and kit for small repairs.

Trucks park

The structure provides a safe garage for hauliers before arrival in the city, for night and day. Storage of South Rome is situated outside Rome but near bar, restaurants and other useful services.

We provide toilets, snacks machines also.

Great paved space for maneuver for each kind of vehicles.

The Parking Area (Truck Parking) and Short Stop

Refrigerated vehicles

If necessary, is available a power supply for refrigerated trucks, anyone can use it without the engine running or electrical generators.

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A large area of the storage is dedicated for long stop or month stop, these have discounted tariffs.

Anybody can leave their vehicles in a safe place, in a good location near Rome. The Storage of South Rome is the best choice!

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